The Seven Stones Seventh Day Report

Apparently I can’t reblogg my own blog post multiple times, despite the fact that I have multiple sites. I guess it may cause some kind of blog vortex or something.

Anywho, I’ve decied to just re-POST my blog article. Take THAT, uh, Guardians of the uh, WordPress…Way…

What an exciting seven days it has been.

We launched just before the stroke of midnight CT on August 2nd, caught some attention, and sailed to a $2040 mark as of this writing! Thanks entirely to the passionate efforts of our seven writers and seven artists, which is a true testament to their dedication to this project! Jeremy, Emily, Kelly, Howard, Willie, Scott, Kennon, Craig, Chris, Brain, Nic, Jeremiah, Daniel and Dustin… you are all aces in my book.

As are each and every one of the 49 backers who have come into the fold. You all are making this dream come true!


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